Be proud of accomplishments

Be proud of accomplishments
Date February 17, 2004

To the Editor:

In my 95 years in Newton I have been involved in many fund drives and in their final tabulations am amazed at how successful the drives have been.

As I review the amounts individuals have given I am always surprised at how much some, who I did not think had very much money, have given. Of course the other part of this is how skimpy others, who I know are well fixed, contributed.

We can’t overlook how fortunate we are to have generous givers like our banks, our local stores, the Maytag Company, the Maytag Foundation and the Maytag Family Foundation who have supported almost all of our major drives.

I have never seen any figures showing how much per capita is given based on the population of each town or city, but I’ll venture that Newton would be high on the list, particularly as compared to a larger city like Des Moines. My feeling is that as a smaller town we are better acquainted with our neighbors and fellow town folks so are more concerned about their livelihood so want to help. This has resulted in buildings like our hospital, “Y”Teen Center, Salvation Army, Animal Shelter, many beautiful Churches and many other facilities – all of these comparable to those in much larger cities.

We should be proud of what we have and that all of us have helped in these accomplishments.

Ed McCardell



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