November shutdown planned for Galesburg refrigerator

November shutdown planned for Galesburg refrigerator production
Date March 19, 2004

GALESBURG, Ill. (AP) — The last refrigerator will roll off assembly lines in mid-November at Maytag’s Galesburg plant, part of a planned shutdown that will shutter the city’s largest employer by the end of the year, the company said Thursday.

Production of side-by-side refrigerators will end the week of Sept. 20 and the plant’s top-mount lines will close the week of Nov. 15, Maytag spokeswoman Lynne Dragomier said.

Most of the plant’s remaining 1,200 workers will be laid off as the assembly lines are shut down, Dragomier said. Some employees will stay through the end of the year to help with shutdown and cleanup, she said.

“That brings a lot of closure, knowing there are dates set now and we can start planning,” said Marty Settles, a 20-year Maytag employee.

About 400 workers were laid off last September as Maytag began scaling back production at the plant, which employed 1,600 workers when the planned closing was announced.

Maytag announced the closing in 2001, saying the Galesburg plant was no longer “competitively viable” after competitors began cutting costs by moving production to Mexico.

The company will shift side-by-side production to its plant in Amana, Iowa, and a new facility that will open later this year in Reynosa, Mexico. Daewoo International will take over top-mount production under a contract with Maytag, Dragomier said.

A center that assists displaced employees with services ranging from career planning to unemployment benefits will continue at the plant through the end of the year, she said.


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