Remember Maytag’s forefathers

Remember Maytag’s forefathers
Date April 16, 2004
Section(s) Opinion

To the Editor:

The fate of this town is very grave. Newton based its hopes and dreams on a company which has lost sight of the founding forefather’s aspirations. Maytag’s name stands for quality, dependability, pride and craftsmanship unlike any other.

Unfortunately, the quest for wealth has given way to instability and a dispassionate attitude. To blame the employees for the company’s instability is unjust and naive. The average employee has little or no say in how things are done. When a flaw or defect is found on a part, it is still passed through inspection due to it “being minor.” But even minor imperfections can affect an image of excellence.

The problem now is the tight-fisted executives have disappointed the consumer to the extent that they are unsure of the reliability of Maytag products. My question to Maytag is this: If making the machines in Mexico and South Korea saves you so much money, why isn’t this savings passed on to the consumer?

If you relocate and terminate employment for these people, all you breed is bitterness and a loss of potential customers. Losing more jobs would deliver another devastating blow to an already weakened economy.

In short, by saving yourself a few dollars you risk losing more; a reputation built by the proud, hardworking Americans who support your products.

I challenge Maytag to consider your loyalty to the almighty dollar or to a town that has helped build Maytag into the company it is today!

Stephanie Bowers



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