Where exactly is the inefficiency

Where exactly is the inefficiency?
Date May 19, 2004
Section(s) Opinion

To the Editor:

I am getting tired of the local Maytag employees being criticized by management for their inefficiency, along with the high cost of operating the Newton facility.

When you go outside the country and build a new plant, that plant is equipped with new and up-to-date machinery. If the new equipment were installed in the Newton facility they would be more efficient. There is machinery being run in Newton that my father ran during World War II. Welders and presses are being used that were purchased when Plant 2 was built. You cannot be efficient on antique machines.

When parts are coming in from outside the country that are defective and have to be reworked by the Newton facility before being workable in a machine, it is not the Newton plant that is inefficient.

Also, when it is pointed out that certain procedures are cheaper done in-house than outsourced, but management makes the decision to oursource any way, it makes me wonder just where the inefficiency lies that makes this plant such a high cost plant.

Patricia Beckham



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