We’re all in this together now

We’re all in this together now
Date May 27, 2004
Section(s) Opinion

To the Editor:

In a previous letter to this paper I mentioned having some suggestions for Maytag Corporation in regard to cleaning up our image and improving sales. I also promised to share these ideas in a future letter. I’ve since, however, realized this to be a complete waste of my time. I’ll explain it like this…

When I look out into the street and I see several hundred of my former co-workers looking for work, I consider this to be a crisis. When the corporation looks out into the street and sees several hundred laid off workers, they consider this to be just a good start.

Offering solutions to people like this is a joke, so I’ll offer questions instead.

1. Why did we suddenly need two Lonely Repairmen/ Are you trying to tell future customers we are anticipating higher rates of failure? Get rid of the kid. I think Hardy can handle things by himself.

2. What does Lean Sigma really mean? If we consider transporting parts across the plant to be inefficient, how do you justify shipping parts clear across North America? If things from Mexico are really that much cheaper, maybe we should consider importing a less expensive CEO.

3. What happened to Maytag being a “great place to work?” We don’t seem to be hearing this slogan anymore.

4. With such a reduction in our work force, both unit and company, why haven’t we fired any vice presidents? I guess they must have been overworked all along.

Company versus union. That’s the way it was for many years. But no more. It’s Newton versus the corporation now. I reckon we’re all in this together from here on out.

Rich Harris



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