Labor agreement yet to be reached, negotiations with Maytag continue

Labor agreement yet to be reached, negotiations with Maytag continue
Date May 28, 2004
Section(s) Local News


Maytag officials said today that no contract agreement has yet been reached in labor negotiations with UAW Local 997.

“There is no agreement yet, but negotiations are continuing,” said Maytag spokesperson Lynn Dragomier.

The groups have been in negotiations for the past month but no information has been forthcoming after both sides agreed to a “blackout,” Maytag CEO Ralph Hake noted at the shareholder’s annual meeting earlier this month.

Since the beginning of the year, Maytag has said improving cost-efficiencies at the Newton plant was necessary for the site to become eligible for new product platforms. A number of those improvements need to be addressed in the current contract negotiations, Hake said at a press conference following the annual meeting.

During his presentation to shareholders, Hake noted the “substantial sacrifices” Hoover workers made to ensure continued production at its North Canton, Ohio site.

School officials said today the high school gym has been reserved for Wednesday for a possible vote.


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