Maytag workers given update on status of contract talks

Maytag workers given update on status of contract talks
Date June 03, 2004
Section(s) Local News


Local union leaders gave Maytag production workers their first update on the status of the on-going contract talks on Wednesday.

Members of UAW Local 997 crowded into the high school gymnasium to hear President Pat Teed describe various aspects of the negotiations and what issues remain to be explored between the union and Maytag Corp.

The meeting was closed to the public and workers attending the mid-afternoon gathering offered few details of what was said.

On Tuesday, the negotiators agreed to extend the current three-year contract another week to allow for continued negotiations. The current contract expired Monday. The contract extension runs until 10 p.m. Wednesday.

UAW Local 997 represents about 1,600 production workers at Maytag’s Newton operations. Another 1,000 workers, dating back as far as seven year’s experience, are on layoff but have recall status and remain part of the bargaining unit. There are also approximately 2,000 retirees covered under the terms of the current agreement.

Company and union officials have agreed to a “blackout” on the details of the bargaining talks until such time as an agreement is reached.

UAW local members voted to authorize a strike several weeks ago, which gave the union officials the authority to call a strike if they determine an acceptable agreement cannot be reached.


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