Wall Street squeezes Maytag

Wall Street squeezes Maytag
Date June 10, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

As a Maytag employee of almost 20 years, your article on Monday pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as how Maytag has conducted themselves during this time of contract negotiations.

They have been spreading their corporate propaganda pretty thick this time. I have worked through maybe four or five of these contract negotiations and this one is by far the shakiest one yet.

Speaking for myself only, I want Maytag to know that after hearing how bad we are, how expensive we are, how out of line our benefits are, I am getting really tired of being berated constantly. I would like to remind the people that run this company that I personally put in 12 hour days, six or seven days per week for many, many, weeks to get the Northeast Machining Center up and running. We put Maytag ahead of our families, our lives, our everything to make sure that we kept that place running and I am sure that all those employees at the other plants could say the same thing.

Remember the launch of the vaunted Neptune? Another case of sacrifice on our part.

I know, the argument around the community will be that the company pays us very well and I will not deny that. With very few exceptions, we all earn our paycheck and then some. Maytag is the life blood of this community. It is truly a scary thing to think what would happen to Newton if Maytag pulls up its roots and heads out of town.

Lastly, as we all know this is not the same company that we came to work for. It is at the mercy of the big institutional stock holders. When they apply the pressure, the CEO grovels to their demands. The consumer has proven that they do like our machines and we have proven that we can build them to last, but that must not count for anything anymore. Fred Maytag must be just flipping over and over in his grave to think that his company doesn’t care much about the employees and their families that helped make this company. I guess I am not so proud of what it is today.

Patrick L. Blythe



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