Maytag and reflection on Reagan

Maytag and reflection on Reagan
Date June 11, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

When I reflect on Ronald Reagan, I remember a speech he gave about Jimmy Carter in the midst of a huge economic downturn but I’ll say it just a little differently. The reason why I thought of this was in contemplation of Maytag‘s decisions, the recent white collar job losses and the walk out on Thursday by the union workers. “You know it’s a recession when your neighbor loses his/her job. You know it’s a depression when YOU lose your job. You know it’ll be a recovery when George Bush loses his HIS job!”

We all know Ronald Reagan was referring to Jimmy Carter at the time but this quote definitely serves its place today. Better yet; “You know it’ll be a recovery when Ralph Hake loses his job!”

I believe Maytag‘s problems are a direct result of failed executive leaderships at Maytag and failed executive leadership in the government. Are we all just going to sit here and let this happen or are we going to stand up together and make ourselves heard?

I’m making myself heard right now and will be making myself heard when I vote in the next election. I’m planning to drive by the picketers every night before I go home and honk in support of their efforts as well and frown upon Ralph Hake. Nothing will change unless we all stand up together.

“Here’s one for the Gipper and here’s one for you!” Hang in there and stick together.

Colette Klier



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