Solidarity Forever

Solidarity Forever
Date June 11, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Nelson’s article, “It’s time to stand together as one.”

On the topic of Maytag‘s Corporate restructuring and labor negotiations, it appears that Mr. Nelson is confused about the apparent, unstoppable movement of corporate greed. Ron Kurtus’ article, The Character of Corporate Greed provides one with an in-depth analysis of America’s changing corporation executives. “Corporate greed concerns the actions of company executives who reap excess profits at the expense of others. Interestingly enough, these same people rose to their high position on the shoulders of some positive character traits. The reason they became greedy may be because they became so powerful that they lost contact with morality.”

In fact, corporate executives pay themselves disproportionate salaries; receive huge bonuses even while the company is laying off workers and plead corporate losses. Kurtus suggests that, “In the United States, many executives make 100 times more than their average worker. In Europe and Japan, the average is seven times the worker’s pay. Obviously, these people (executives) have many negative character traits. Some are close to being out-and-out criminals. Some of these negative character traits are greed, dishonesty and deception.”

Not only must we be concerned about the well-being of Newton, but also we must be aware of the effects Maytag‘s labor contract will have on our entire nation. America is closely monitoring the Maytag negotiations and the UAW leadership understands that another series of concessions to corporate greed sets a serious precedent that will be difficult to reverse.

The Maytag Corporation’s desire to annihilate the pension and medical benefits of factory retirees are one of many issues on the bargaining table. Our community must stand together and commend the UAW labor leaders for their efforts to ensure that retirees maintain their well-deserved pensions.

Your suggestion that “it is time to stand together as one” is absolutely correct. After all, it is the never-ending battle cry of labor unions around the world; Solidarity Forever!

Deana Williams



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