Show compassion to all involved

Show compassion to all involved
Date June 16, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

I’m writing in response to a quote attributed to me in the June 15th edition of The Newton Daily News. While I don’t believe that Andy Karr deliberately misrepresented my remarks, the omission of part of the quote may have left readers with an inaccurate perception.

May 29, 2003, my position at Maytag Corporation was eliminated after 27 years of service. While others may not say the same, I was treated with kindness and respect by my former manager and the H.R. representative who was present. I did not have the luxury of a second income to depend upon and needed to find new employment as soon as possible, which leads to the part of the quote that wasn’t printed, “Because the type of position I held at Maytag was somewhat specialized, I found a job in Des Moines. I would say there really aren’t any (of that type of) opportunities in Newton.” My reason for writing is to clarify that there are still opportunities in Newton, though they are limited.

I still believe Newton is a great place to live and work in. I believe the words found on signs posted inside the entrances at the Newton production facilities, “Through these doors walk the greatest appliance manufacturers in the world.” You UAW members know the exact quote. And I also believe that many of the managers charged with the distasteful duty of eliminating positions at Maytag do not in any way enjoy the experience.

I pray that our community will show compassion to those workers who have lost their jobs, and extend grace to those who are still fighting to keep their jobs, even if we don’t understand, or agree with, all the issues. Because in reality, these people are our family members, friends, neighbors, former classmates, those we volunteer with and those we worship with, who are working to support their families. And they will continue to be all those things long after the dust settles on the present issues at Maytag.

My appreciation goes out to Rev. Mathison-Bowie and the members of the Newton Ministerial Association for organizing the prayer service at Maytag Park on Monday evening. Our community needs more opportunities to come together, united in faith, and seek the intervention of God in these present circumstances. The bible says that everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Our community is shaking right now, but nothing that has happened in Newton or with Maytag Corporation is a surprise to God. There is no better time to come together and seek the intervention of the one who strategically placed every star in the sky, every blade of grass on the earth and every freckle on each child’s face. My continued prayer is that God will richly bless the people of Newton, Iowa, and Maytag Corporation.

Pam Priaulx



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