You have to walk in their shoes

You have to walk in their shoes
Date June 16, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Mr. Rickers, this… will effect everyone’s business in Newton. I hate to see this happen in the worst way. I hate to see the strike, as well. It hurts us all.

I am from a family of Maytagers. I have been through good and bad times… No one can imagine what it is to be in this situation unless you have been there yourself first hand.

So my suggestion would be to go down and sit with one of the picketers, walk and talk with him and go to one of the meetings sometime and get a real earful and then come back and write a letter. My first suggestion would have been to go to work with him one day but we all know you can’t but it would be a thought.

Sheri Pherigo



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