Workers fear for their jobs each day

Workers fear for their jobs each day
Date June 21, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

When I was hired into Maytag in April 1996 I was on top of the world. Maytag was the place to work. Once you were on at Maytag you no longer had a “job,” you had a “career.” You put time into the company because you knew you were getting something back out of it.

Then something changed along the way. Maytag went from flourishing to floundering in just a matter of months. Looking back now, I remember when things changed from my vantage point. I remember the morale when you, Mr. Hake, came into the company. I worked for Research and Development and actually worked with people that had worked for you at Whirlpool, one of which had been cut from Whirlpool by your initiative to reduce costs there …

For me, the wake up call came last year … Costs had to be reduced for Maytag to survive and thus walked out 18 of my fellow friends and co-workers from Research and Development, not to mention many others from other departments. It scared me. I could not believe the sight I saw with my co-workers being escorted by contract people I had never seen to a conference room with black paper over the windows in the doors only to come out of the room with a distraught look and a manila envelope that was supposed to ease the blow.

I’m sure those that have experienced it recently will agree with me that it was a bittersweet day. You felt horribly for those that you knew that had lost their jobs, but at the same time you were breathing a sigh of relief because you had been spared. I knew at that point Maytag, as we knew it, was never going to be the same.

… I woke up every morning wondering if it was going to be the last day I spent at Maytag. I went from feeling total control over my future to fearing each day I went to work. Fortunately, for me, the answer came last September in the form of a job offer. I had seven and a half years in at Maytag and the fear of the unknown scared me to death, but using blind faith I left Maytag

I am calling out to the community to get involved. Learn the whole story before you pass judgment. Learn the issues and support what’s right. I know everyone in this community knows someone or has family that works for Maytag. Support them …

Kristi Modlin



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