No word on Maytag talks, strike enters third week

No word on Maytag talks, strike enters third week
Date June 24, 2004
Section(s) Local News


No information on the status of the contract talks going on in Chicago today was being released as of late this morning as the Maytag strike begins its third week.

Maytag and UAW Local 997 negotiators agreed to meet with representatives of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in an effort to get the stalled contract talks restarted. The FMCS is authorized under the Labor-Management Act of 1947 to provide free mediation services in contract negotiation disputes.

The renewed talks between Maytag and the UAW were agreed to late last week, with a meetings scheduled last evening and again today.

Maytag production employees walked out and set up picket lines at the plant and Maytag headquarters on June 10 after contract negotiations broke off. The three-year contract expired at midnight May 31 and covered 1,525 production workers, 700 workers on layoff and 2,000 retirees.

Late last week, Maytag sent recall notices to more than 450 laid off workers. The employees accepted their recall rights by returning to work but joined striking workers on the picket line, which effectively reclassifies the employees as striking workers.

Maytag production workers began receiving their first strike pay benefits on Wednesday and again today.


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