We are all brothers and sisters in this

We are all brothers and sisters in this
Date June 24, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

On Monday, as I was coming into work at the Maytag Corp. building, I was waving at the strikers and giving them the thumbs up as I have done every day since the strike began. But this day, as I turned to pull into the parking lot, it was being blocked making it hard for me and others to get into the parking lot. Then, as I walked toward the building, I was called a scab. I was carrying a purse that has an American flag on it and was told I wasn’t American because I crossed the picket line and that I was nothing but a scab … There were a lot of cruel things said by these two men, yes it was just two.

The real reason I am writing this letter is because I know that not all the picketers are as ignorant as these two men. Yes, I cross the picket line and go to work but I am not a scab. I am not taking away your job but trying to keep mine. I am not a member of the union, but if I were I would be out there on the picket line along side all of you. I don’t get strike pay if I don’t go to work and I don’t have the UAW backing me if I lose my job.

What I do have is a whole lot of family that are out on the picket lines with you. I may not be your UAW sister but in God’s eyes we are all brothers and sisters and I do support you in your efforts to have a fair contract, as do a lot of others in Maytag Corp., who have husbands, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, neighbors and friends out on the picket lines next to you. My prayers are with you and your families.

Pauline Berger



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