Maytag puts quality on the back burner

Maytag puts quality on the back burner
Date June 28, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Concerning corporate Maytag spokespersons, analysts, etc., let me introduce myself as you do not know me. I am Jerry Rouze, a Maytag retiree of over 20 years…

I started in the early ’50s when sheet metal was still at Plant 1 (and then left Maytag and traveled) the country working for other companies in other states. I worked with all kinds of people, race, religion, etc. I learned there is good and bad in all of us. My dad always told me “son, you are never too old to learn.” Therefore, I guess corporate Maytag has not gotten to that stage of learning. They should have learned when closing Hampton and moving to Jefferson City, Mo. They should have learned what a mistake they made when they bought Hoover.

When I returned to Newton — yes back to Maytag in the maintenance department — there sat the same presses in sheet metal that were at Plant 1 in the early ’50s.

There was a letter to the editor a while back in the paper that stated in so many words about antique equipment. How true.

Also, corporate Maytag, how can you compare Newton to any other town or state associated with Maytag products?

Questions. Can you compare the cost of living, the quality of housing, the condition of automobiles, is there or is there not a union, are there or are there not benefits? Can you walk into any entrance to do your job and see a big sign that states “Quality Products Built by Quality People?”

In our Maytag maintenance department we had the utmost qualified people. They could take any antique piece of equipment and make it run like new.

We had production people that would work (hard) to make quality products. But you, corporate Maytag, over the past few years have put quality on the back burner.

Jerry Rouze



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