Don’t cross the picket lines

Don’t cross the picket lines
Date June 29, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, a Maytag employee was offended by remarks made to her as she crossed the picket line to report to work at corporate. She felt the remarks made by two “ignorant” men on picket duty were out of line calling her a scab. She feels that since she waves and gives the strikers a thumbs up and carries a purse with an American flag that what she is doing should not have any recourse.

Well, first off, since she does not personally know those two “ignorant” men she is out of line for her remark, and perhaps if she had sat in the rain since 4 a.m. that morning she would have a different view of things.

Now that the company is asking the salaried employees that are still working at corporate to volunteer and go in to resume production at Plant 2 by crossing the picket line, what does that make them? Are they still brothers and sisters? Does she feel that by waving and carrying her purse with the American flag is going to prevent being called a scab?

What is taking place with Maytag is going to forever divide the union employees who are on strike and the salaried employees who are trying to keep their jobs by giving in to the company to cross the picket lines and replace the striking union employees.

It really makes one ponder one simple statement Maytag was so famous for: that everyone is on the same “team.” Maybe we all need to look that definition up before considering crossing our brothers’ and sisters’ picket lines to become scabs.

Renee Leabo



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