UAW to file grievance against Maytag

UAW to file grievance against Maytag Company calling recalled workers ‘unreinstated’
Date July 06, 2004
Section(s) Local News

NDN Staff Writer

As UAW Local 997 members report back to work at Maytag‘s Plant 2 today following the nearly four-week strike, they were joined by many of the nearly 400 laid-off employees called back to work by Maytag two weeks ago.

Those laid-off workers however, are not being allowed to work, according to UAW Local 997 President Pat Teed.

“The laid-off workers reported to work this morning, but the company is calling them unreinstated workers,” Teed said. “In our opinion, they’re laid-off.”

Teed said he will be conferring with Maytag company officials today and will prepare to file a grievance on behalf of the approximately 400 UAW members tomorrow.

Maytag officials, in a press release issued on Friday, said the production and maintenance employees who were actively employed on June 10 were to report to work today for their normal shifts and job assignments. The release also said that employees who were recalled on June 23 should not report to work.

Those recalled workers who went to work at the beginning of their shift June 23, walked out a couple of hours later to join their fellow striking UAW members, thus ending their unemployment benefits.

Many of those laid-off workers lined up outside the Newton Workforce Development Center this morning in an attempt to regain their unemployment benefits. Workforce Development officials were unavailable for comment concerning what benefits those workers may be able to receive.


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