Both sides have conducted themselves professionally

Both sides have conducted themselves professionally
Date July 08, 2004
Section(s) Columnists

Newton City Council

It is still about 15 hours before the vote will be taken to see if the contract is ratified. Even though the outcome is unknown to me at this time, I feel I must make the following observation.

It is nothing less than mandatory that as a member of the Newton City Council I remain in a straight line in the middle of the road. I must not lean toward the UAW or the Maytaq Company. I can and have, however, made the following observation.

Thank you UAW and Maytag Company on the way you have conducted yourselves during this strike. You have given every citizen in the city of Newton a reason to be proud of all of you in the civil manner in which you have handled this.

When emotions are running high it is sometimes very easy for things to go sour in a hurry. I think the whole town found it refreshing to drive by the pickets and be met with a smile and a wave, not a frown and a fist. I think that both sides showed extreme control and a professional attitude when talking to or about the other side.

This will probably not be in the paper until Saturday, July 3, and by that time the results of the vote will be known. If all goes right there will be an agreement and we can get back to making Newton an even greater place to live than it already is.

I hope the people of Newton will take the time to tell all the ladies and gentlemen on both sides of the table, thank you for a job well done.


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