What happened to the solidarity?

What happened to the solidarity?
Date July 13, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

This letter is to anyone who is following the Uaw Local 997 news and all members of the Local 997.

We did stand strong as one union during our three week strike! The brothers and sisters of 997 who went out on strike June 10 were standing on the picket line backing and praying for their fellow brothers and sisters who had to cross the line June 23, greeting us with open arms as we stood strong and joined them on the picket line even though there were many of us who needed to stay in the plant and work for the money, as we, too, have a family to take care of. But in good faith we joined our brothers and sisters as one union making it solid as a rock.

And now we have become what Maytag calls “unreinstated strikers,” which makes approximately 400 of your membership of the Local 997 fight for their jobs, benefits, insurance and everything else the rest of the membership now has, as most of the membership did vote yes for a contract which did not keep the solidarity strong!

Now for the “unreinstated strikers,” we all wonder what happened July 2 when this contract got passed. We just want to tell all of you who voted yes on this contract we hope you can sleep at night knowing you have not kept this union as one!

Thanks for nothing!

Nichole Danks



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