Some need our help

Some need our help
Date July 14, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

We are so thankful that the stressful weeks of strike are over for some. Unfortunately, as we’ve read in this paper, the stress and worry continue for many in our community. It has been humbling and frightening to have the control over our lives be taken from us.

However, there is a group of individuals in our community who never have control. They are the physically and mentally challenged who have always been and will always be dependent on us, the community, to help them live as normally and independently as possible.

Progress Industries has recently closed three group homes, and the workshops are no longer taking new workers. Our daughter is happy and fulfilled because every day when she gets up she gets to go to work. She is so proud of what she does.

Our daughter has been on a referral list for a group home placement for four years. A young man at Newton Senior High School had worked in the sheltered workshop for a semester and really enjoyed it, yet he was told he could not continue this summer. Neither of them can live or work wherever they want. They, along with many others, need the support of everyone to be able to achieve a minimum of what the rest of us take for granted. They are dependent for everything — transportation, accessibility to shops, jobs, acceptance, etc.

We hope the tremendous support shown to the striking Maytag workers will be there for those who will always need our help.

Gloria and Junior Simpson



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