Maytag gives Galesburg workers official notice jobs eliminated

Maytag gives Galesburg workers official notice jobs eliminated
Date July 15, 2004
Section(s) Local News
GALESBURG, Ill. (AP) — Hundreds of workers at Maytag Corp.’s Galesburg plant have officially received notice that their jobs will soon be eliminated.

Maytag delivered a required 60-day termination notice to 875 full-time production workers Wednesday and told them that they will be out of a job in mid-September.

About 200 employees will continue working until their jobs are phased out by February 2005, officials said.

Workers have known the layoffs were coming for two years, said Dave Bevard, president of the International Association of Machinists Local 2063. Maytag announced in October 2002 that all 1,600 employees at Galesburg Refrigeration Products would lose their jobs by the end of 2004. About 380 workers have already been laid off.

Company officials said production will move to Amana and a plant will open this fall in Reynosa, Mexico.

In the meantime, Maytag has been working with employees to try to help them find new jobs and opportunities, said Bob Ramage, senior director of Galesburg operations.

“In our case, here’s a group of people that have been together,” Bevard said. “Sometimes they’re like your second family.”


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