Maytag needs to regain its niche

Maytag needs to regain its niche
Date July 19, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

When is the board or someone in management going to stop and realize that Maytag does not have to be the number one in sales to excell in the appliance industry?

For years, Maytag‘s stock was very strong because the management realized that Maytag had a niche in the industry; that niche being quality, U.S.-made products. Millions of people purchased Maytag products at much higher than average prices because they wanted an appliance made in the U.S.A. that would last.

The new management here needs to stop listening to “analysts” who think Maytag needs to be just like everyone else in the industry, except sell more. When major manufacturers start selling similar products they always end up competing with selling prices and sooner or later they all take a bite financially. This philosophy always ends with layoffs, discontinuing products and cancelling sales to certain countries all needed cut costs because no one makes money.

Stop trying to make cheaper and cheaper products in order to keep in line with the sales of Whirlpool, etc. Whirlpool has been know as a manufacturer of lower-cost products for people who can’t afford higher priced, higher quality appliances and that is great for them. That is their niche. Just remember, Maytag has always been a strong company because of their niche in the industry.

Kim Davis



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