Maytag will lower production levels at Newton plant

Maytag will lower production levels at Newton plant, workers to be laid off
Date September 14, 2004
Section(s) Local News


Production levels at Maytag‘s washer and dryer plant in Newton will go down later this month resulting in employee layoffs.

Postings of the layoffs at Maytag Plant 2 were made last week, according to Maytag spokesperson Lynne Dragomier.

Dragomier would not state the exact number of employees to be impacted by the production declines. She said the changes to employment levels at the plant are in response to demand for the products manufactured in Newton.

Union officials said the exact number of employees to be laid off is still being determined but said as many as 170 positions could be affected.

In early July, Maytag and the UAW Local 997 reached an agreement on a new four-year labor pact following nearly a month-long strike. Company officials said the new contract helped bring down the cost of operations at the Newton plant but said it still was not enough to make the Newton facility eligible for any new production lines.

“Future investment is predicated on four areas — safety, quality, delivery and cost,” Dragomier said after the labor contract was ratified. “We continue to assess all plants against these measurements. As investment decisions come up in the future, we will continue to assess those areas. While good progress was made at the Newton laundry plant, it is still Maytag‘s highest cost facility.”


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