Maytag layoffs now top 190

Maytag layoffs now top 190
Date September 21, 2004
Section(s) Local News
NEWTON (AP) — About 193 workers at Maytag Corp.’s laundry factory are getting layoff notices, the result of lower demand for certain machines made at the company’s central Iowa factory.

The company acknowledged layoffs last week but declined to release a number saying it was dependent on scheduling issues.

United Auto Workers Local 997 President Pat Teed confirmed the number Monday.

The Newton factory makes several models of washers and dryers including the Neptune and Atlantis.

Maytag spokeswoman Lynne Dragomier said it’s a routine adjustment affected by customer orders for certain models. She couldn’t be specific about which models are impacted, she said.

“It’s a production schedule adjustment. We do periodically adjust the schedules up and down. Obviously, the employees do have recall rights,” she said.

The job cuts are the first since a contract agreement was reached with the UAW Local 997 in July, ending a 27-day strike.

Newton-based Maytag negotiated a new package of retirement and health care benefits that Chief Executive Officer Ralph Hake said would save the plant about $13 million a year.

He has also said production at Newton continues to cost more than at other locations and further reductions will be needed for the plant to be eligible to make new products.


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