How can Maytag and Newton work together?

How can Maytag and Newton work together?
Date September 27, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

In our Newton Daily News of Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004, I read Maytag company seeks a partnership with local community

I do sincerely hope to see those words stated by a Maytag representative Mark Krivoruchka become a reality. I quote Mr. Krivoruchka “We need to find ways to work together.” I also repeat my being in agreement with Mr. Hake’s words in the Sunday, Aug, 29, Des Moines Register, “Amazing things can happen if people get on the same side and work together to solve problems.”

Maytag has been and is a great company, full of hard working people… Maytag is not only an icon of Newton, but a very important part of the community in many ways …

I know we cannot all eat steak, however I know society should have compassion for the human race …

In my struggle to understand what is happening in this great country of ours, I find we are becoming owned by other nations. With this happening we the little folks are, I am afraid, picking up the taxes that would have been paid by tariffs and/or American owned companies. Many companies are no longer American owned. Today a product may be built in the United States, however if it is not American owned that means less tax dollars are paid to the IRS and state. So … we make up the shortage of the tax dollars …

I give the Chrysler merger as an example that did what seemed to be a 50/50 merge. However according to what I read, this became 25 percent American owned and Germany owns the rest. Remember the tax and who makes up the difference?

OK! My questions are: How can we the (workers and community) work together with Maytag to ensure Newton’s future, or as some have said, do we need Maytag at all? Finally should we not all write a few congressmen and other political leaders about our concerns? And please, will someone tell me how gambling and race tracks are constructive to the life and times of Newton?

Just one more comment. If the federal, state, local city or county government invents a job, who pays the salary? So if nothing is being manufactured, should we not see a benefit to the community? Now if we depend on gambling and/or others to make playtime activities, please tell me how can that can be constructive to the economy? I’m not saying we do not need those jobs and playtime. However, it seems to me if there is not at least a few tangible products produced it is a fairy tale!

Of course Walt Disney did well.

James Wilson McKinstry



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