Newton does have the best work force

Newton does have the best work force
Date September 27, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

I could not believe the words in front of me as I read about Mr. Krivoruchka’s speech in Sept. 22nd’s paper…

Mr. Krivoruchka got one word wrong in his description of our perception of Maytag. Maytag is a 1,000 pound gorilla and (not or) it is the home of the best production work force in the world. They haven’t seemed to really recognize that yet.

I will let people more informed than me respond to the specific economic assertions in the article, but I do know this. Newton employees have earned every penny and every benefit they have received over the years and still made a profit for Maytag. They will have to hire two to three workers elsewhere to replace one worker in Newton. The people of this community have done more than their share …

As I’ve written before, I worked at Maytag, but I am not a “Maytager.” In fact, I am more proud to say I am a UAW member who worked at Maytag. I feel deeply for the men and women still working in the plants. They have to be the ultimate judge of their relationship with this company …

Mark Babcock



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