Why change prescription plan?

Why change prescription plan?
Date October 07, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

I attended the meeting that Maytag had for the retirees the other day concerning prescription mail order. First, I would like to say it was a rather poor presentation. I think Maytag and Caremark were surprised by the number of retirees that showed up. I don’t think they learned much as a lot of them got up and left during the presentation.

This brings me to my next thought. Maytag talks a lot about being in partnership with the community. Why on earth are they determined to hurt and/or ruin the pharmacies in Newton? To mandate that all active and retirees do mail order for their prescriptions is beyond me. Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

I am also curious if this is as cost effective as they would like us to believe. I have tried to find out by asking for a cost comparison report but was told by Caremark I would not see one. After I returned to work that same day someone from the Maytag company called me and said very adamantly that I would not see a report. If this is for the betterment of all employees and retirees I am all for it. I do wonder if this is only going to be good for the two companies involved.

My last comment will be, if this is what Maytag considers a partnership with the community, you best watch out.

Maria Modlin



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