Don’t outsource jobs

Don’t outsource jobs
Date October 18, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

After seven years of loyal labor as an employee for Maytag in Newton, I was laid off on Sept. 27, 2004, a victim of outsourcing. Three and a half weeks after President Bush came to Iowa on Sept. 3 to remind us of all the work he has done to grow jobs, I was laid off. In less than four years of Bush’s leadership, Maytag‘s Newton plant is about to be outsourced to Mexico. The President’s response is to give companies who outsource jobs to Mexico like Maytag special tax breaks.

In three weeks we need to let George W. Bush know that we want to keep working Iowans working. We need to let George W. Bush know we want to encourage companies to keep jobs here, not shipped overseas. We need a President who will work to create jobs, not encourage companies to lay off workers. I would love to take my grandchildren to parks and buy them gifts. With four more years of Bush economics, I am not sure when or if I will be able to do that again.

Brenda Breckenridge



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