Maytag announces 150 layoffs at Amana plant

Maytag announces 150 layoffs at Amana plant
Date November 22, 2004
Section(s) Business
AMANA (AP) — Maytag Corp. plans to lay off 150 workers at the company’s Amana Refrigeration Products plant due to reduced production needs.

The layoffs, announced about a week ago, will take effect Monday, Maytag spokeswoman Lynn Dragomier said.

The company, using language in a new union contract, hoped to achieve as many vacancies as possible through voluntary layoffs. The new contract allows the company to bypass the usual seniority layoff system when workers volunteer to leave work.

Dragomier said the layoffs are “a fairly routine adjustment in scheduling due to seasonality in demand and other marketplace dynamics.”

Ed Miller, business agent for Machinists Local 1526, confirmed that the union had been notified of the layoffs.

The Maytag plant in Amana produces side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators.

It employs about 2,300 union workers.


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