Make the cuts

Make the cuts
Date December 06, 2004
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

There’s some hard choices ahead. Bush cut the money to the States and the State cut the money to the cities.

We’ve seen it coming and I hope everyone’s happy with who they voted for. Now we have to deal with it, again (since we didn’t last year). You’ve used OUR reserves and now you have to make further cuts. No one’s happy to see jobs go, but hey, it’s a fact of life so get over it and do what you have to.

You can’t raise out property taxes any more (thank goodness) so you are considering throwing the LOSS tax down our throat again. We told you once we didn’t want it. So what are we going to do. Here’s an idea — cut the tax abatements. Yes, we need new business but at what expense? Add another dollar to my water bill (like you did for the curb side clean up). I haul my own trash, but I had to pay for others to get rid of their trash. Cut all expenses not necessary to keep this town running. Look further ahead. Maytag may be leaving in a few years.

James Fletcher



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