Don’t cut services

Don’t cut services
Date January 18, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

City and county residents, you really need to start paying attention to the decisions being made that will affect you. The City of Newton is planning to layoff between five and seven firemen, five and seven policemen, along with the same amount from roads, parks, etc.

What’s wrong with getting rid of your highest paid employees (city administrator, assistant administrator, directors, etc.) and keeping the lowest paid employees? I have an idea, why don’t we get rid of all your administrative employees/directors and just let the council run the city since some of them believe in micromanaging.

Get involved citizens. Why are you letting the administration and some council members jeopardize the departments that Newton has always been so proud of, our parks, streets, police service, ambulance service, fire service? These are the only departments that don’t work an 8 to 5 job; they work weekends, nights and holidays.

And yes, with all the layoffs that have occurred at Maytag, I’m sure you’re thinking why not, we got laid off. But be honest with yourself. There is a big difference when the city’s services will affect your safety/protection, fire/ambulance and your roads.

As councilwoman Jane Ann Cotton has requested, contact the members of the city council and let them know that you want to keep these services.

Anna Newman



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