Maytag honored by AMVETS for hiring veterans

Maytag honored by AMVETS for hiring veterans
Date January 19, 2005
Section(s) Business
Special to the Daily News

Maytag Corporation has been honored with a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Support of America’s Veterans by AMVETS, a 60-year-old national veterans’ organization, for its aggressive recruitment of discharged American military soldiers for positions as repair technicians under its expanding Maytag Services organization.

AMVETS National Commander William Boettcher formally presented the organization with the honor at Maytag Headquarters in Newton on Friday, which included a brief meeting with Ralph Hake, Maytag Chairman and CEO.

Other members of the AMVETS visiting Maytag during the presentation included Edward Kemp, national first vice commander and a member of Iowa Post 49 (Cedar Falls) and Joe Hays, AMVETS national executive committee member and a member of Iowa Post 2 (Des Moines).

Art Learmonth, president, Maytag Services, accepted the honor on behalf of Maytag as Commander Boettcher read its inscription:

“Through its progressive program of recruiting, hiring and training veterans as repair technicians, Maytag Corporation has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to those who have served our nation. Its initiatives in this area reflect the company’s keen desire to provide, not only employment opportunities for veterans, but also a work climate wherein the skills they learned in the service can be utilized to their maximum. Such practices are a credit to the company, its management and employees, and represent a standard of support worthy of imitation throughout America’s manufacturing sector.”


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