Maytag repairman in Kellogg ad spot

Maytag repairmen in Kellogg ad spot
Date January 25, 2005
Section(s) Business
Kellogg Company unveiled a new television spot in its Cheez-It “Get Your Own Box” campaign featuring the Maytag men. The new spot will air on national network and cable through the spring of 2005.

“We were thrilled to have the chance to tap the Maytag men for our ‘Get Your Own Box’ campaign,” said Jenny Enochson, senior director marketing communications, Kellogg Company. “What better way to demonstrate the lengths to which people will go for a box of Cheez-Its than with these two much-loved and instantly recognizable characters.”

The spot, called “Maytag Men,” opens in the repair shop where the Maytag Repairman is enjoying his box of Cheez-Its while waiting to answer the phone that never rings. When his phone unexpectedly rings, the distraught caller says her washer is leaking and she needs him to come repair it immediately. Ol’ Lonely, realizing his partner, the Apprentice, is behind the female voice, asks the caller if the water level is over her head yet. When she says no, he tells her to be sure to hold her breath when it is. He then hangs up and calls out to the Apprentice, who has been hiding behind a door with a cell phone, and says “Nice try, rookie!” The voiceover says, “Cheez-It. Get your own box.”

“This ad offers a rare window into the everyday life of the Maytag men, playing on their individual characteristics,” said Rachel Kelley, Maytag brand manager. “We can just imagine Ol’ Lonely — a long-standing symbol of dependability — taking his time to enjoy his own box of Cheez-Its since his phone never rings. It’s also fitting that his partner, the innovative, restless Apprentice, would try to outwit Ol’ Lonely out of his Cheez-Its.”


2 Responses to “Maytag repairman in Kellogg ad spot”

  1. bob Says:

    Maytag sucks, My Maytag washer circuit has broken 4 times causing hundreds in repairs each time. Getting customer service is nearly impossible. Why would Whirlpool want to but them? I will not buy from either now!

  2. bob Says:

    That tv ad is a joke. According to consumer reports Maytag has the worst repair history

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