Maytag layoffs continue

Maytag layoffs continue
Date February 08, 2005
Section(s) Local News
(AP) — Maytag Corp. plans to lay off more workers at its washer and dryer plant in its hometown as the company reduces production of some product lines to avoid building up inventory, the company said.

“It’s a rebalancing,” said spokeswoman Karen Lynn.

She said Monday that the Newton-based appliance manufacturer, for competitive reasons, would not disclose which product lines would be reduced or the number of workers to be laid off, effective Feb. 21.

Pat Teed, president of United Auto Workers Local 997, said the union hasn’t been told how many workers would be affected.

Since last year, Maytag has laid off about 330 production workers in Newton, cutting the hourly work force to about 1,430 people. In 2002, the work force was around 2,200.

CEO Ralph Hake has said the Newton factory, its highest-cost plant, will shrink unless costs are cut substantially.

Teed has said the union is working with the company to make the plant more cost-effective.


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