The real issue

The real issue
Date February 15, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Can we please stop bickering about budget cuts and city job losses and concentrate on the root of this city’s problem! The real issue with our city is that Maytag has laid off a lot of people over the last couple of years and more are to come. The writing is on the wall for this company to close its doors in Newton, or for it to be bought out.

I wish our elected officials would concentrate on finding ways to work with Maytag and the union workers to keep them here and attract a new major employer to town. Surrounding towns like Pella and Knoxville have multiple businesses that employ more than 200 to 300 employees. In Newton our eggs are all in one basket. How come nobody is looking at offering land to a company like Principal or Wells Fargo with tax abatements, help with construction costs, etc. We have plenty of people here in Newton who need jobs so we should be trying to use that to our advantage and attract something to come to Newton. The racetrack project seems to be dead. If we don’t do something soon Newton is going to be left with even more unemployed people, empty houses, no buyers for the houses and no tax revenue.

Eric Arnold



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