Maytag proposal could cut Hoover jobs in Ohio

Maytag proposal could cut Hoover jobs in Ohio
Date April 01, 2005
Section(s) Business
NORTH CANTON, Ohio (AP) — Maytag Corp. has proposed a business plan that could eliminate about 150 manufacturing jobs at its Hoover plant in this northeast Ohio city.

The proposal was provided Wednesday to officers of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1985. President Jim Repace said it raises concerns about the future of the plant when a labor contract comes up for renewal in 2008.

Hoover Co. began making vacuum cleaners in North Canton in 1908. In 1985, Hoover was acquired by Chicago Pacific Corp., and in 1989, Maytag acquired Chicago Pacific.

Last June, Maytag announced a restructuring plan that called for Hoover to be headquartered in Iowa, eliminating hundreds of salaried jobs. Manufacturing jobs were not involved.

The new proposal would move the Eagle production line, which makes models of the Hoover SteamVac, to one of the company’s factories in El Paso, Texas, or Juarez, Mexico. It seeks concessions in a number of areas, Repace said, although he declined to discuss specifics.

“What they’ve said in there is totally unacceptable,” Repace said.

Maytag spokeswoman Karen Lynn said the plan is part of Maytag‘s efforts to remain competitive in the floor-care market.

Repace and Lynn said the union and company were discussing the plan, but neither would comment on the discussions. Lynn declined to say if Maytag has a timetable for instituting the plan.


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