Maytag to open new West Coast call center for Maytag Services

Maytag to open new West Coast call center for Maytag Services
Date April 06, 2005
Section(s) Local News


Maytag plans to open a new West Coast call center aimed at expanding its Maytag Services operations in the western United States.

Spokesperson Karen Lynn said today that Maytag plans to expand its customer contact center operations with a new facility in Yakima, Wash., a community of about 55,000 people in south central Washington. The operation, which published reports from the area indicate could employ as many as 200 Maytag employees, is scheduled to open later this quarter.

Maytag Services, a unit launched in 2003 to repair and service all brands of appliances, has been a successful operation for the corporation, growing by more than 20 percent last year.

“This will allow us to expand into additional markets,” Lynn said.

The new customer contact center may have a slight impact on the Newton call center operation, she said.

“It may have a minimal impact locally,” Lynn said, “but most of it will be with our third party provider.”

In Newton, Maytag uses Randstad Work Solutions employees within its call center to supplement customer service telephone operations.

A report in today’s Yakima Herald-Republic says that the Washington city is offering Maytag economic incentives to locate the call center in the community, including a $55,000 Community Development Block Grant, employee tax credits and training costs.


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