What’s wrong with this country?

What’s wrong with this country?
Date April 20, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

This is what’s wrong with this country. When an American company — Maytag — already deeply in debt, borrows $400 million from an Asian company — Samsung — to close two or more plants in North America and boot American workers and their jobs out the door!

Even worse, after these comments were made by Nick Heymann, Prudential analyst, the price of the stock went up!

When did Wall Street start running Maytag? We should take care of the consumers first, by doing what we do best, building the best and most dependable and highest quality laundry products in America and the price of the stock will take care of itself.

I fear it’s too late for this company to turn around. F.L. Maytag is spinning in his grave! I’ve got 16 years invested in Maytag and it seems to be all for naught!

Douglas Barcus



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