Maytag workers have worked to make the company grow

Maytag workers have worked to make the company grow
Date May 03, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

My family, like many other families in Newton, have had many generations work at the Maytag factory here in Newton. I myself am a third generation in my family to retire from Maytag. The pride that all the people who have ever worked at the Newton Maytag factory is still there, and the current workers today take pride in making top quality washers and dryers.

Over the years, many people from this community have put in long, hard hours of work to make Maytag the company it is today. This factory in Newton is what made Maytag money to buy other companies.

Now the CEO of Maytag says that this factory is too high cost to make machines here. Many jobs are outsourced to Mexico and other areas where labor is cheaper, but the quality of work is also not so good. It used to be that Maytag prided itself on building dependable machines … Are the machines being built by outsources as good as the machines being built here in Newton? I don’t think so.

Maybe it is time for the top Maytag management to get their act together and start working to make Maytag a better company instead of running it down. Where is the pride in the top management of Maytag?

As workers in this factory, we did and still do what we can to cut down on costs. Remember that Maytag once had an employee idea program that saved millions of dollars. This program was halted by Maytag management. Many times during contract negotiations, the workers have given up part of their raises to help the company pay for the benefits it provided to their employees. The local union UAW 997 here in Newton has worked hard over the years to help negotiate contracts that are beneficial to both Maytag and union members. Now the CEO of Maytag says this is not enough.

This community of Newton has grown along with Maytag. Now the CEO of Maytag is talking about closing the factory in Newton. If this happens, this community will suffer because of the jobs lost. It is time to make Maytag what it once was, a top quality producer of top dependable washers and dryers. The only place to get top quality machines is right here at the Newton Maytag factory.

John M. McGinley



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