Listen to the workers on how to improve Maytag

Listen to the workers on how to improve Maytag
Date May 25, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

If Mr. Hake is really serious about wanting to keep Maytag in Newton, there is one main thing he needs to do.

He needs to meet with and listen to the workers on the factory floor. Who better than them to tell you how and where to cut cost in the factory?

They can show him why it is the highest-cost manufacturing plant. Has he seen the ancient equipment that the employees are forced to work with and try to keep running? They don’t have the pleasure of working in a brand new building with up-to-date equipment like they do in Mexico, but yet only get paid a couple of bucks an hour. They do the best they can with what they are forced to work with.

If he is wanting to cut cost, maybe he could go in there (Maytag) and get rid of all the “dead weight.” I think he would be very suprised at how many employees that are there (and I cannot say work) that are on some kind of restriction. If nothing can be found that their restriction allows them to do, they sit around for eight hours and get paid for it. Do you see a problem here? If they cannot do the job they were hired to do, get them out of there.

You would be doing three things at once. 1. Getting rid of “dead weight;” 2. Saving money by not paying them for not doing anything; 3. By cutting them out, you would be saving somebody’s job that is there doing their job and working hard, not sitting.

Mr. Hake, give the factory workers a chance to voice their opinion. Listen to them. I think you would be greatly suprised on how smart they are and some of the ideas they can come up with to save their jobs and keep Maytag in Newton and save the company money. And you in turn, talk to them in person and be open and honest with them. All they want is to know what is going on.

What a win-win situation all the way around.

Lori Church



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