Not cut out to be a capitalist

Not cut out to be a capitalist
Date July 19, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

The capitalists globalized our economy. Dealing with China is part of it. UNOCAL is relatively small and has some holdings in China. China would be buying back some of itself.

Capitalists have no allegiance except to immediate financial gratification. Follow the money to wherever it leads.

The “stock” show have contests on who chooses the best moneymaker stocks. The consistent winner is one who chooses Asian oil stocks. He puts his money where his mouth is. He owns what he chooses. If you wish to buy part of the Republican dream of capitalism, his e-mail address is “” (No kidding.)

If I’m going to be a good capitalist, what could be better than buying Maytag stock at $10, hoping someone will buy Maytag to shut down the Newton plant. The stock goes up and joy of joys, money is in my pocket. Immediate financial gratification. Profits for me, my income taxes go up, thus helping to balance the federal budget. I bow down to the gods of the Republican capitalists, all is right in the world of “Reaganomics.”

Today, we are headed for a grander scale of Reaganomics tax revenue increases than in the 1980s. When a CEO receives more than a $100 million retirement gift on top of salary, bonuses and incentives, his tax bill must be humongous.

The little guy, the big shot, all paying taxes. The Republican talking heads tell us this is all roses.

I’m just not cut out to be a good capitalist. I wonder every day how big a factory could be built for $70 million and how many could be employed permanently. No immediate financial gratification, but positive long-term, far-reaching prosperity.

Stuart Allspach



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