Does anybody care?

Does anybody care?
Date September 07, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

We had approximately 1,000 people or more at the Maytag meeting — we had a lot of support — but we only had one business person there.

They want us to shop Newton, they want us in their stores, but the prices keep rising and our wages keep lowering. Is there anybody who cares about more than their own pocket?

We Maytagers lose our annual raise, we lose our drug card and went to mail order. That cost twice as much.

Now with the buyout, we can lose our insurance, 40 percent of our retirement, etc. “Wally World” started ruining Newton, now Maytag is finishing it. Whirlpool will sell Maytag and then we’ll be a ghost town.

Jerry Rouze



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