Do you have $10,000 put away

Do you have $10,000 put away?
Date September 20, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Do you happen to have $10,000 put away? How much of that $10,000 would you give to Katrina Relief that would make you feel like you’ve done a good deed?

A recent statistic showed that major corporate America is sitting on $634 billion. Just sitting on it. Comparing that with your $10,000, each million dollars major corporate America gives, you need to contribute one and one-half pennies. Just think, for every dollar of that $10,000 you give, you can feel as good as major corporate America giving $67 million. Giving $30 would be like Whirlpool buying Maytag.

A $2 billion buyout is a drop in the bucket. There was more than $400 billion of mergers by May. Reaganomics. That helps explain why corporate America’s battle cry of “cut labor costs, cut labor costs, cut labor costs” is in contrast of government’s claim that personal income is up 15 percent.

How may laid-off Maytag workers are going to find another job paying 15 percent more? How much money is flowing from the many to the few that it would average personal income 15 percent more across the spectrum?

Some day we will be living the capitalist life Karl Marx observed in the 1840s Europe.

Stuart Allspach



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