What a great system we have!

What a great system we have!
Date October 05, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

It is an outrage to see Maytag CEO Ralph Hake will receive $10 million-plus if he loses his job, as well as other corporate executives who will receive millions.

Shame on the Maytag Board of Directors to put someone in charge to run a Fortune 500 corporation and allow them to destroy it and pay huge bonuses for their efforts.

The Maytag facility in Newton has produced high quality products for more than 100 years with a high productive workforce and have been profitable.

It was the sweat of the Newton workers and past good management that allowed Maytag to become a corporation.

What the current management has done to a great company is criminal.

To borrow a statement from UAW Local 997 President Ted Johnson, “The workers are the same, the union is the same, the only change has been management.”

The workers in Newton have saved the Maytag Corporation millions of dollars by diverting cost-of-living allowance (COLA) for years; plus the millions they saved through concessions in the 2004 contract negotiations.

And what have they received in return? Layoffs and threat of plant closing.

But rest assured, top management will be greatly rewarded for destroying the lives of the workers and their community.

What a great system we have!

Max L. Tipton



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