It’s sad and silly at the same time

It’s sad and silly at the same time
Date November 23, 2005
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

The latest news to come out of the Maytag Corporation is that executives are to be getting bonuses based on their salary and the corporate performance.

In the constant public relations image that Chairman and CEO Ralph Hake projects, he decries how the Newton facility is the most expensive. I think that most of us can now see where the expense in Newton really is. But you have to give Ralph credit for one thing, he certainly lives up to his title: He definitely has become a Critically Expensive Officer. I can’t wait until, in our continual cost cutting efforts, we outsource Ralph for a CEO that signs on for $75,000 a year. Talk about your productivity enhancement!

I have proudly worked for the Maytag Corporation for 20 years now and have made some fantastic friends in both production and management. It has been our heritage to produce the finest laundry equipment in the world. Our workforce has always been proud of our brands and have always proved worthy of the wages and benefits provided to us.

This kind of production takes its toll on everyone. I don’t know of many of my friends that have not suffered some sort of job related injury requiring some type of surgical procedure. It’s the price you pay for working long hours in repetitive work and most of us take it as a part of the job.

It seems as though the only injury to be incurred by this current executive team will be hernia surgery from carrying their pay home.

I believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. But where is the honesty when you tell a unionized workforce that they receive too much compensation and benefits for the work they do and then turn around and pay people the equivalent to five workers pay for just being on the payroll, especially during what has been described by most as “tough times at Maytag?” Yes, it’s sad, but so comical that we have come around to this.

If you drive by the Newton Union Cemetery some evening and see a glow coming from the Maytag mausoleum, don’t be concerned. It’s just friction from Fred spinning in his grave.

Stephen C. “Newt” Rodgers



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