Maytag to discuss future with North Canton leaders

Maytag to discuss future with North Canton leaders
Date December 13, 2005
Section(s) Local News
Special to Daily News

NORTH CANTON — Maytag Corp. officials plan to meet with North Canton city leaders Monday afternoon to discuss the company’s “footprint for the future.”

Mayor David Held told city council members Monday evening about next week’s meeting with Maytag, which owns the Hoover plant and offices.

The mayor’s announcement prompted new council member James Repace to ask if he can attend the meeting of Maytag and city officials. Repace, president of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1985, expects to meet with Maytag officials Monday morning.

Held said he will check with Maytag officials to see if Replace, chairman of council’s economic development committee, can join the meeting.

Maytag officials plan no formal announcement after the meeting, Held said.

He said he hopes to hear that Maytag will continue to maintain some production and office operations in the city.

In the last three years, Maytag has reduced production and closed offices at the former Hoover headquarters. The moves have cut the local Hoover work force from more than 2,500 to less than 1,000.

Held said he will be joined in the session by county and state officials.

Replace declined to say much about the meetings next week.

He said Maytag hired an outside consultant to review operations at different facilities. He expects to hear the results of that review next week.

Maytag, based in Newton, Iowa, is in the midst of a possible $1.7 billion merger with Whirlpool Corp. The proposed deal is on hold until Feb. 27 to allow time for the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust review.


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