Elvis next to weigh in on Maytag

Elvis next to weigh in on Maytag
Date February 07, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

I am inclined to believe that Sen. Harkin and Rep. Boswell do not know “sic” from “sic ’em” about Maytag‘s problems or potential. If so, they are in the company of Maytag‘s CEO, whose intermittent natterings about Maytag‘s weaknesses seem largely intended to disguise his own weaknesses and display his brilliant plumage.

Then who should leap on stage following them but the Great Lamberti. Not about to be out-pioused or outpompoused, he looked like nothing so much as a child splashing through a mud puddle shouting, “I’m swimming the English Channel!”

Who will be next? Elvis?

Joel Wormley



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