Are you going to believe me or your own eyes

Are you going to believe me or your own eyes
Date April 06, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

Republican pundits just can’t figure out why the polls show that the masses (59 percent) are not bowing down and praising the Bush administration for such a great economy. The Maytag situation is a prime, understandable example of why they don’t.

There are two kinds of capitalists — venture capitalists and investment capitalists. Currently our good economic numbers are created by investment capitalists. But investment capitalists enrich the few, themselves. Venture capitalists enrich the many.

The first Maytag buyout we heard of was by venture capitalists. They wanted to buy Maytag, fix management and improve worth then resell a healthy Maytag. Maytag would remain as a hub of good economic jobs.

Investment capitalists put their money in stocks like Whirlpool. The theory is that they in turn use that money for research and development, the main reason Republicans say corporations need more tax cuts. In reality, Whirlpool will gobble up the competition. Maytag. This is the same nationwide, profit-making trend as the Reaganomics era. People like Ralph Hake will walk away with $10 million-plus. Others will divvy up the remaining worth of Maytag and leave a skeleton.

Hey, Republican pundits, the economic numbers reflect the growth of wealth of Ralph Hake, etc; not the Maytag workers looking for jobs elsewhere. You hated President Clinton because you claim he governed by polls. The Bush administration prides itself because it doesn’t. It’s time they at the least give the polls a hard look and find understanding.

No sooner had I put down my pen, the Republican pundits came on the air (on TV) and ruined the first line of this letter.

It turns out they did figure out why the masses are so negative about the economy. The liberal media is sabotaging the truth of how good the economy really is. Those bad ol’ liberals.

One of the great Groucho Marx movie lines goes like this — “who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” I drove by the Maytag plant yesterday afternoon (a Wednesday, not a Sunday) and with my own eyes I saw KCCI-TV filming a completely empty lotted Maytag plant. Now there’s a choice — believe Republican pundits or my own eyes. Does the liberal media have me hallucinating?

Stuart Allspach



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