Local talent hilarious

Local talent hilarious
Date April 11, 2006
Section(s) Opinion
To the Editor:

My husband and I were some of the lucky ones to attend the last performance of the year at Sugar Grove Winery. It was extremely talented local talent, doing Vaudeville at its best and was hilarious. The group of John and Elaine Mattingly, Gary Kopsa and Cara McCulley do not get the public recognition they deserve. Add to the humor (and great service) of our waiter, David McDowell, and you were guaranteed a great evening.

Thank-you to Doug Bishop for a very well written letter to the editor concerning Maytag‘s top management and their severance packages. You cannot give someone a conscience, they are either born with or without one. We have said for years that what was happening at Maytag was a “controlled failure.” Nobody ever understood why. The people at the top were making huge sums of money anyway. Why ruin so many lives financially by taking us down? Personally, I don’t have a bad feeling about Whirlpool, time will tell.

The buzz around town the last few weeks, is that Cabelas is coming to town out by the new hotel and indoor water park. Is this going to be like the race track? By the time it is officially announced, it will be the “worst kept secret” in town. I hope so — it would be great for Jasper County.

Kathy Richardson



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